J+J engagement in Tuscia

When I received Julie and Jeremy's first e-mail, a few months ago, I immediately knew there would have been great things to come. Julie is an art director and Jeremy is a designer: they both live in Canada and got engaged last year in Rome, during their trip to Italy. No wonder that when they started thinking about their wedding day, the only thing they knew for sure was the location: Italy. After several months of research, they found the beautiful Villa La Trinità, a late 19th century historical manor house near Rome, and decided to organize the ceremony and the reception in the amazing scenario it offers. The villa is surrounded by a beautiful park, developed with an articulate architectural plan of avenues with pines and cypress trees: such an amazing location for an engagement session! So when we started planning the shoot, we decided to work both in the park and in the nearby lakeside area: here's the wonderful sunrise walk through giant trees and hidden flower fields we had the chance to enjoy.