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J+N intimate wedding in Tabiano Castello

A touching intimate wedding on the hills of Tabiano Castello. Two days enriched by friends, family, joyfulness, good food. Two days full of tears, full of hugs, full of truth, full of beauty. The story of Julie and Nico.

Day One - In the Town Hall

Day Two - Today is the day

MARIA AND SILVERIO, an authentic italian 1950's wedding on the island of Ponza

Ponza has always been kind of a second home to me, so it was quite natural for me as a wedding photographer to start thinking about a way to share my love for its beautiful colors and sceneries, its deep and enchanting silence, its simple and genuine people. The heart of its uniqueness as an island lies essentially in its authenticity, and that's what inspired us most during the creative process that led us to the final concept. Looking at Italian literature, we draw a lot of our inspiration in terms of settings and moods from Elsa Morante's "L'isola di Arturo", while iconic movies as "Il postino" and "Baaria" were basically our starting point when coming to tell Maria and Silverio's story. What we wanted to do - and every single professional involved couldn't work better in this sense - was telling a simple and authentic italian love story, one of those stories our mothers and even our grandmothers could have told us, whispering them with sparkling eyes full of memories. That's why we chose to build the whole story around the so called "fuitina" - literally "little elopement" - a practice that used to be common in southern Italy, where young passionate lovers used to elope in order to get married against the wishes of their families, forcing them to accept their love and union. Starting from this point, we tried to keep our work consistent with this simple, authentic, mediterranean mood. The beautiful dresses designed by Anna Fucà and Otto Marchesi, the subtle and gentle hair and make-up choices made by Fulvia Tellone, the simple perfection of the floral arrangements designed by Tommaso Torrini of La Rosa Canina Firenze, the delicate tones of the watercolor stationery hand painted by Jenny and Graziano of Shhh My Darling: each member of the team gave its best and perfectly conceived and realized every single aspect of the project.


Chapter I
"Fuggiamo insieme"

Chapter II
The "fuitina"

Chapter III
Finding shelter

Chapter IV
Announcing the wedding

Chapter V
Maria, getting ready

Chapter VI
Moments before

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII
"I love her, and that's the beginning and the end of everything."

Chapter IX
Sharing with gratitude


Concept and photography Monica Leggio
Videography 2become1
Planning Rosenvoile
Florals La Rosa Canina Firenze
Paper goods Shhh My Darling
Maria's outfits Anna Fucà
Silverio's outfits Otto Marchesi
MUA & Hair Stylist Fulvia Tellone
Models Esprit Management


A deep thank you Paolo, nothing of this would have been possible without your precious support.

C+S spanish wedding in Rome

Intimate, sophisticated, joyful. These three words perfectly describe what Caterina and Samuel chose their wedding day to be like. Running a restaurant together in Spain, were they currently live, they put Rome's beauties and excellent food at the top of their priorities. Hassler Villa Medici was the perfect answer to their needs, being one of the most awarded restaurants in Rome and offering probably the most beautiful view over the Eternal City. Most of their guests were coming from Spain to Rome for the first time, so having the chance to enjoy a stunning view over the rooftops and the ancient buildings while having a true taste experience was certainly a beautiful gift for them. The second part of the wedding reception was held at Salotto 42, an intimate little place in the very heart of the city. This was beyond doubt my favorite part the day: late October afternoons are the perfect time to enjoy Rome's streets and I absolutely loved capturing the guests relaxing and having their cocktails in one of the most beautiful hidden corners of Rome. Could you imagine a more perfect way to end the day than throwing the bouquet with an ancient Roman temple as a backdrop?

Bride's dress: Jenny Packham

Hair & MUA: Nardi

Ceremony venue: Sala Rossa, Campidoglio

Reception venues: Hassler Villa Medici & Salotto42