Ardent travelers with a lust for adventure, Emmanuelle and Anthony were romanced by the raw clifftops of the Italian coastline and the purity of its rural surroundings. Forgoing overflowing guestlists and large crowds, they chose to share the significant moment of their marriage with each other, feeling like an intimate elopement would have let them focus more on their connection and dive completely into the moment. A raw and pure experience that could let them truly celebrate their union.


In the golden light of a glorious sunset at Borgo Egnazia, nestled amongst the treelined hills of Puglia, Emmanuelle and Anthony exchanged vows on the rooftop of their stonewashed villa, overlooking the sea and the olive groves.  The last rays of light gave an overall sense of quietness and bliss to a most poetical walk among olive trees and trulli. The last gem Emmanuelle and Anthony wanted to include in their memorable experience was Polignano a Mare, a sublime backdrop their had all for themselves for their sunrise portraits.


“Getting married is such a beautiful vulnerable experience even for those that don’t believe in the institution of it. I think that marriage means finding the things that do mean the most and cherish them. For us, it was writing personal vows, gorgeous photography and traveling together.”

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