“I long for home, long for the sight of home.”
Homer, The Odyssey


A windy solitary beach littered with pale logs. The faraway line of the horizon. A women, awaiting. These were the main strong images that guided us in the process of building the final vision of the shoot. The location, a windy beach in the Tuscan Maremma, perfectly suited the melancholic, ethereal mood we were looking for, with its ancient pines, its pale dunes, its bleached logs scattered on the sand, as tangible traces of a shipwreck. Just like a modern Penelope, a woman is waiting for her Ulisses to come back home from the sea, in a subtle, suspended atmosphere, filled with a soft, golden, almost unreal light. All the styling part of the work, amazingly curated by Fluida Design, reflects this dreamy melancholic mood and brings on the scene a delicate poetry, made up of objects and treasures that seem to be the remains of a wrecked ship coming from the sea. The bridal gown was a strong element of our vision as well: we were looking for something that could represent a visual reference to the sea, and found this‚ incredible gown from Cortana, made out of natural silk strips striped by hand and sewn overlapping one another, creating a delicate silk wave effect. A woman wearing sea waves, waiting for her man to appear from them.

Set Styling: Fluida Design

Hair and Make Up: Giulia Cresci

Dress: Cortana

Headpiece: Guinevere Vines

Coordination: Michela Bandini

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